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About the Candidate

Teodora is a Java software engineer with four years of work experience and a bachelor’s degree in information systems and technologies. She has skills in various programming languages, frameworks, and tools, such as Java, Spring Boot, React, Node.js, Adobe Experience Manager, MySQL, and Git. She also speaks English fluently.


Working Experience

Java Software Engineer

The candidate is a Java Software Engineer at EY, where she has been working since November 2022, after completing an internship at the same company.

Developing and designing software applications

The candidate is responsible for developing and designing software applications using Java and various frameworks and technologies.

Administrative worker at an accounting agency

The candidate has also worked as an administrative worker at an accounting agency “Orient komerc doo” from June 2018 to September 2018. The web page context does not provide any details about this role.

  • Java Software Engineer at EY (November 2022 – present)
    • Meeting with the software development team to discuss project definitions and goals.
    • Analyzing system and user requirements for the software product.
    • Designing system integrations and project workflows.
    • Writing clean, scalable Java code.
    • Designing software database architecture.
    • Developing Java-based user interfaces.
    • Prioritizing and distributing development tasks.
  • Intern at EY (July 2022 – October 2022)
    • Assisting senior Java Software Engineers with various tasks.
    • Learning and applying Java frameworks and technologies.
    • Testing and debugging Java applications.
    • Documenting software features and functionality.
  • Administrative Worker at Orient komerc doo (June 2018 – September 2018)
    • Performing clerical and administrative duties.
    • Managing invoices and receipts.
    • Handling customer inquiries and complaints.
    • Updating and maintaining records and databases.


Faculty of Organisational Sciences of the University in Belgrade (2019 – present)

  • Major: Information Systems and Technologies
  • Average grade: 8,94

High School Diploma (2015 – 2019)

  • School: Mathematical Gymnasium Belgrade
  • Average grade: 4,98


Programming Languages: Java, Java EE, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JSP, Maven, JavaScript, jQuery, React, Node.js, PHP, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Adobe Experience Manager, MySQL, Git, Postman, C, C#

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Languages: English (proficient), Serbian (native)

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