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About the Candidate

Danijel is a software engineer with strong problem-solving and analytical skills. They have experience as a Java programming lecturer and a software engineering consultant at Ernst & Young. They have worked on projects involving software architecture, DevOps, and ecommerce for clients in Belgium and elsewhere.

The candidate has a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from Union University in Belgrade. They have a wide range of technical skills, including Java, Spring, JavaScript, Node.JS, REST APIs, machine learning, security, and more. They are familiar with various tools, frameworks, servers, databases, and languages. They also have strong mathematical skills and knowledge of algorithms and data structures. They follow the principles of clean code, OOP design, micro-services, and agile methodology.

Working Experience

Java Software Engineer

Requirements gathering, solution architecture, full-stack
developing, debugging and testing.

Java programming lecturer, Belgrade, 2019 – 2022

Software engineering consultant at Ernst & Young, full time, Belgrade, 2022 – present

Junior Software Developer

Implementing the solution for management of delivery services


Software architect & DevOps engineer for one of the largest banks in Belgium, 2023 – 2023

SFCC, Salesforce Ecommerce B2C cloud developer, 2023 – present


  • Union University, Belgrade, Faculty of Computer Sciences (RAF) — BA


Significant experience in development, software architecture and DevOps projects, Java SE, Java EE, EJB, JPA, CDI, Servlets, JAX-RS, Jakarta, Spring (MVC, Security, Boot)

IBM WebSphere Application Servers, jBoss, WildFly, Tomcat, Glassfish, Payara, JMS, MQ, Java 8 (lambdas, streams), RMI, CI/CD, OOP design principles, micro-services, UML, design patterns

JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX

Node.JS, Express and other JavaScript frameworks

Build tools: Maven, Ant, Gradle

HTML, CSS, Java front-end technologies

JSP, JSF, Swing, JavaFX

REST APIs, development and testing

Postman, Insomnia

Machine learning, Neural Networks, AI

Clean code and SOLID principles

Computer networking – UDP, TCP, FTP, SMTP, Java socket programming

Git, SVN

Relational databases, SQL, Assembly, Groovy, C, C++, Ruby, Python, C#

Jenkins pipelines, Bash/Shell scripting, System administration(Linux)

Security – JWT, SSL/TLS, HTTPS

Strong mathematical skills, Algorithms and data structures, Scrum, Agile methodology, JIRA

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